We Make Shoes and Boots for AFO Braces!

What is an AFO Brace?

What is an AFO Brace?

First off, many of you may be asking: “What is an AFO Brace??”. To answer, AFO stands for Ankle Foot Orthosis and refers to a plastic brace that is worn on the foot and ankle. Why do people wear AFO Braces? For Gracious May’s customers, AFO’s are worn because of weak or contracted muscle tone brought on by cerebral palsy. AFO braces are also worn by toddlers on a short term basis to correct mild foot and ankle deformities. Whatever the reason for wearing AFO braces, Gracious May loves to customize CUTE shoes for you to wear over them! Keep reading and watch the video above to find out more about Gracious May’s special sub-site, ShoesforAFOs.com!

Here at Gracious May we customize our shoes and boots to fit over AFO Braces! We have been making shoes for AFOs since 2015, when a mama requested a custom order for her tiny fashionista with mild cerebral palsy. After 3 years of taking custom orders by email, we launched ShoesforAFOS.com, a sub-site of Gracious May that makes ordering custom shoes for orthotics easy! We customize our shoes for boys, girls, and women in AFO Braces. We desire to give A Fresh Outlook to the special needs community by providing shoes and boots for orthotics that do not compromise on style! Read on for the full story from Grace!

From Grace…

From Grace

The Shoes for AFO’s “story” is so special to me. I really believe the Lord has led us to launch this special line of footwear as a specific answer to a prayer. It was back in 2014 that I was at my computer and came across a a video about a company (Firefly) that had invented a harness for children with disabilities. Most of the children in this video were not able to walk or stand on their own. This harness gave these children the ability to stand upright and take a few simple steps. As I saw the joy on these children’s faces, I knew that I wanted to be a part of something like this. I prayed right there that the Lord would open up the opportunity for my business to serve the special needs community in a similar way.

I sort of left it there, with that prayer, and went on with business as usual. 8 months later, however, a mama contacted me with a special request; she needed a pair of shoes for her daughter who wore AFO braces. This little girl was the sweetest and most stylish little lady. She loved wearing adorable outfits and accessories, but due to mild cerebral palsy and the subsequent need to wear AFO Braces, cute shoes were next to impossible to find. This mama loved our Chestnut Suede Moccasin Boots and asked if we could customize them to fit over her daughter’s AFO braces. Even though it was one of our busiest seasons ever at Gracious May, I felt a huge tug to pause and take this custom order. I asked this mama to measure her daughter’s feet and ankles with the brace on (yep, the same measurements we ask you for when you order at ShoesforAFOS.com today!) and then translated these measurements into a fully customized pattern. I prayed my way through that first pair and shipped them off to their new home! Long story short, those boots fit perfectly and this mama began telling her friends about how “Gracious May customized boots that would fit over AFO Braces”! Word of mouth spread and we began taking custom orders from special needs moms around the world!

After 3 years of taking orders for our custom shoes for AFO’s by email, we launched ShoesforAFOS.com! At ShoeforAFOS.com you will find the Gracious May styles that have been specifically designed to wear over orthotics. At shoesforAFOS.com we also give you a clear and easy way to provide the measurements we need to create your custom shoes and boots.

AFO: A Fresh Outlook…

Here at Gracious May, we have taken the acronym AFO and given it an uplifting spin. Instead of ankle foot orthosis, to us, AFO means A Fresh Outlook. Gracious May’s goal with ShoesforAFOs.com is to provide A Fresh Outlook to the special needs community with stylish footwear that fits over AFO Braces! We focus on creating shoes that not only make your child feel normal, but also beautiful (or handsome, as is the case with little guys :))!

This new chapter has already brought so much joy to my team and I! Seeing your children in the Gracious May Shoes for AFOs makes every ounce of effort worth it. Whatever the future brings, we look forward to continuing to offer A Fresh Outlook to the special needs community with customized Gracious May shoes and boots for orthotics. We also hope that our footwear brings light to the truth that no matter how difficult the season or situation, the Lord is able to make something beautiful in it.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

We make Girls Shoes for AFO Braces…

As the saying goes, Shoes are a girl’s best friend! When we design our Girls Shoes for AFOs we like to make sure the colors are vibrant and adorable! We mainly use leather and suede when constructing our shoes. This ensures that they are durable as well as cute. We make flowery mary janes, dress shoes, cowgirl boots, fringe moccasins! We know your girl loves to sparkle, so we have a collection of metallic flats in our girls shoes lineup. From boots to dress shoes for AFOs, our girls collection has what you need!

We make Boys Shoes for AFO Braces…

Don’t forget about the boys!! We have sneakers, cowboy boots, and fringe Moccasins for Boys in AFO braces! One of our customers said that when her grandson opened the Cowboy Boots she bought him for Christmas he exclaimed: “Look, now I have Boots just like all the other cowboys!!” We also designed a sneaker-style shoe for boys in AFO braces. The sneaker features an extra large opening and adjustable velcro strap. This allows the shoes to slip on and off easily over the AFO brace!

We make Ladies Shoes for AFO Braces…

We make our bestselling AFO Customized Moccasin Boot in Ladies sizes!! These boots are super stylish and feature a zipper that extends all the way to the sole. This allows these boots to slip on over the AFO brace! These Ladies Boots for AFO Braces are available in 8 different colors! These boots are genuine suede from top to toe with a rubber sole. We focus a lot on creating a durable pair of shoes for you that can be enjoyed for several seasons. We strive to make Shoes for AFOs that are worth your investment!

 At shoesforAFOS.com you can browse all the styles we’ve designed to fit over children and ladies Orthotics.  While you are shopping there, you can even bring your child along to let them pick their favorite pair!  Once you’ve decided on a pair you love, you’ll be asked for 4-5 different foot measurements right there on the product page. No need to be intimidated by these measurements! We have created a page with images on how to properly take the measurements. To further help us achieve the best fit, you’ll be given an option to upload a picture of your brace at checkout. Using this feature allows us to check your child’s brace for any extra bumps, curves, or hinges that need to be accounted for when we make your custom shoes!

Once you place your order, we take it from there! Every pair of shoes and boots from shoesforAFOS.com is custom made to fit your measurements. Each pair is custom made right here at Gracious May Headquarters in the Dallas, TX area!   Several sets of hands are involved in making and shipping your custom shoes.  The Shoes for AFO team consists of pattern makers, cutters, stitchers, workers trained in applying the rubber soles, and of course our shipping team!

When you receive your custom shoes, we want it feel like opening a gift…

Shoes that fit AFO Braces

We put a lot of effort into wrapping your custom shoes in a way that will delight you and your child! Many of our moms come to us, heartbroken over unsuccessful shoe shopping experiences.  They have taken their sweet boy or girl from store to store in desperate search of a pair of shoes that will fit over their child’s AFO Braces: and all without success! At shoesforAFOS.com we aim to make the order process easy and, once your custom shoes for AFO Braces are delivered, we want you to feel like you are opening a gift!

Fit is guaranteed!

Fit is guaranteed, we will work with you until we have achieved a great fit!! We know that ordering online can be tough, but we are committed to ensuring you receive the best fit no matter what.

Boots for AFO Braces

Will help us generate word of mouth about ShoesforAFOS.com?

Will you share about Gracious May Shoes for AFOs? You can share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your own blog, or with just one other mom by text or email!  Your word of mouth is so valuable to us.  We would be so grateful if you would help in spreading the word about ShoesforAFOS.com by Gracious May!  Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter (you’ll find a signup form at shoesforAFOS.com)! Many of our moms request extra business cards to share with friends or Physical Therapists and we are are more than happy to accommodate those requests!  Your word of mouth means so SO MUCH TO US.   Thank you.

“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him  glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen” Ephesians 3:20-21

FRESH CUT 😍 | Our Made in the USA Shoes for Girls!

baby shoes that don't fall off

We’ve just freshened up the site with some bright, new shoe options!! Lemon yellow, pale, gray, and pink have combined to make some of our sweetest baby girl shoes yet!

Our baby shoes actually stay on! We have worked quite a bit to develop baby girl shoes that are hard to kick off. Moms comment about how our shoes are some of their favorite for their baby girls.

children's shoes made in the usa

Gracious May Shoes now feature a flexible rubber sole for sizes 18 mos and up. This soft rubber sole makes our shoes great for new walkers! For smaller sizes, our shoes have a suede sole. A suede sole provides the right amount of flexibility for tiny, growing feet!

All of our shoes are made in the USA. Our baby and toddler girl shoes feature hand stitched flowers and unique detailing! These special touches make our children’s shoes a lovely gift.

american made shoes for women

The newest addition to the Gracious May footwear line is the Gracious May Mama Jane! These ladies flats are made in the USA using genuine leather and a flexible rubber sole. We designed our leather women’s shoes to be both classy and comfortable. They are designed to accommodate the busy mama’s lifestyle, keeping her comfortable and cute during during her daily routine. Our leather flats for women are currently available in 4 colors: black (great for work!), soft gray, blush pink, and hazelnut. Our customers are raving about how comfortable our new women’s shoes are!

Don’t forget, we have a full collection of vibrant hats and headbands by Snugars! Gracious May is the official distributor of Snugar brands accessories. These sweet hats and headbands are hand made in the USA! Snugars has been serving customers alongside Gracious May since 2009.

Our goal here at Gracious May is to offer the finest selection of made in the USA products available. Our selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories are carefully curated with an emphasis on quality and excellent design. Shop GraciousMay.com today!

“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.” Ephesians 3:20-21

3 Barefoot Shoes That Look Normal!

Barefoot Shoes that Look Normal
Our Leather Barefoot Mary Janes are available in Black and Hazelnut!

The world is on a quest to find barefoot shoes that look normal! We are here to show you our top 3 barefoot shoes for women that look normal. No more worrying about duck feet or awkward styles, these stylish barefoot shoes are designed with fashion in mind. By the end of this post you will have a list of barefoot shoes for women that don’t compromise style!

All of the barefoot shoes in this post can be ordered with either a suede or minimalist rubber sole. The suede sole is for the ultimate dedicate in the barefoot shoe world. The suede allows you to feel the ground as you walk. If you are into the concept of earthing (also called grounding) our suede sole barefoot shoes are an option for you!

Women's Leather Barefoot Grounding Shoes with Suede Sole

Alternately, you can add a minimalist Vibram rubber sole to any of the barefoot shoes and boots in this barefoot shoe guide. This rubber sole is still 100% flexible and does not impede any regular motion or flex-action in the foot. The minimalist rubber sole will add a waterproof traction layer while still providing all the benefits of a barefoot shoe.

All of the barefoot shoes on this list feature a wide toe box. The wide toe box is an essential feature for any barefoot shoe connoisseur. Shoes with a wide toe box allow the toes to spread out within the footbed. The ability to fully spread your toes when walking helps with balance and muscle development. A wide toe box is a must-have feature barefoot shoes.

Gray Suede Moccasin Barefoot Boots Women by Gracious May

Our barefoot shoes feature a removable insole. The removable insole makes these shoes great for those transitioning into the barefoot shoes movement. The removable insole provides a bit of padding to help you transition from conventional footwear to barefoot shoes. Once you are ready for the full barefoot shoe experience, simply remove the insole.

Barefoot Boots Great for Grounding Women

Our Leather Barefoot Mary Janes combine a classic silhouette with all the benefits of a barefoot shoe! This style would be an excellent option for workwear. The sole is completely flexible, the toe box is extra wide, and the strap around the ankle holds fastens to accommodate a natural gait.

The Suede Barefoot Moccasins are perfect for fall and winter! These barefoot boots for women are made of genuine suede with your choice of a suede or rubber sole. Rows of faux suede fringe make these barefoot boots for women a stylish choice!

Barefoot Moccasins For Women

Our Suede Big Fringe Moccs are a definite fashion statement! These moccasins are genuine suede/cowhide from top to bottom. They feature a chunky handcut fringe detail that creates a fun look as you move about in them.

Barefoot Mary Janes for Women

It’s hard to find barefoot shoes that look normal, be sure to get your order in for these styles while you can!


“Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him…” Psalm 37:7

My Handmade Business Story


6 Steps to Starting a Home Business: https://bit.ly/2HJrnxY

6 ways to market your Handmade Products: https://bit.ly/3l4pY3d

I have been a home-based business owner for 16 years, and a handmade business owner for over 10 years. In this video, I am sharing with you my handmade, home-based business story! If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below click the links above for my totally FREE step-by-step resources for starting your own handmade business. Starting a home business is a great option right now, and it’s even better if you have a good handmade product to market. Hopefully, this video will encourage you on your journey!


Gracious May

Follow on IG: @gracious_may

6 steps to Starting a Handmade Business:

1 Pray Psalm 90:17 on a regular basis.  Seeking the Lord’s blessing and direction upfront is paramount.
2 Decide what kind of item (goods) or service you are going to sell.
3 Find a place to sell your goods or services.
4 Decide what kind of payment options you are going to accept (cash, check, credit card, etc).
5 Decide on a name for your business.
6 Set up a bank account in your name.
That’s it… seriously!  Starting a business is not hard. 

Once you complete these 6 steps, you can dive into branding, marketing, accounting, goal-setting and so on!  I think most people get overwhelmed thinking they have to do everything at one time when, really, you only need to do one thing at a time.  When you make this mindset shift, the process becomes simple and enjoyable!

The IRS defines a business as: “any activity carried on for the production of income from selling goods or performing services.”  Crazy simple, even by expert definition

6 ways to Market your Handmade Products:

1 Find a good market (online or in-person) with lots of traffic.  At Gracious May, we have an online MARKET that you can apply to join!
2 Keep all of your customer emails (with proper permission) and send out a newsletter when you have a new product available.
3 Create your own website and begin pointing people there!
4 Create new items regularly and in a variety of different colors and styles.
5 Email online stores and ask them if they will carry your product on a drop shipping basis. 
6 Contact bloggers and instagrammers with a large following and ask if they will share about your brand in exchange for one of your handmade products!

Consistency is key!

Proverbs 10:4 says: “the hand of the diligent maketh rich.”  The dictionary defines diligence as: “Steady application in business of any kind; constant effort to accomplish what is undertaken”.  Don’t give up if you don’t see immediate results… KEEP GOING

“And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us: and establish you the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish it.” Psalm 90:17

$44.25 Shopped Local!

The Farmer’s Market season is almost over, but we are taking advantage of what remains! For the past 2 weeks we have hit a few of our local markets to get in touch with what our community has to offer. I am so excited to be showing you what we find along the way! We hope these tours will encourage you to shop local and invest in small businesses.

If you can’t make it to a local market this season, be sure to shop the MARKET at Gracious May. We have put our favorite USA Made finds there and you can purchase from the comfort of your own home!

Here is what I bought at the market for $44.25:

Body Butter: $6.25

Duck Eggs: $5

Fresh Produce: $5

Breakfast Sausage: $10

Cookies: $4

Locally Roasted Coffee: $12

The Greenville Texas Farmer’s Market featured USA made jewelry, fresh garden produce, locally grown meats and sausages, pickles, baked goods, apparel, and more! I so enjoyed the time spent with Breichesen Farms. This farm-HER is cultivating an expansive 2 acre garden, growing fresh produce, and fresh eggs for her community. She beamed as she explained her passion, which is organically growing life-giving produce. Some of the produce she offersis native to the Philippines, where she lived until she married her husband and moved to the USA!

Below is a list if a few of the vendors from the Greenville Farmer’s Market Tour:

Sweet Susies Herbal
Brecheisen Farm
Capturing Essence Jewelry
M&B FarmGibson Acres Farm
Lewis Farms Fresh Produce

A goal of the Great American Farmer’s Market Tour is to get a look at what local has to offer, and support the businesses closest to us. We hope it encourages you to do the same!

Sustainable Fashion

“Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.” Psalm 100:3

2020 Toddler Girl Boot Guide! | with AFO Friendly Options

(Press play for a video featuring our top pick for Toddler Girl Boots in 2019!)

Gracious May’s 2020 Toddler Girl Boot Guide!! (all USA Made)

Kaylee in Chestnut Moccs>>

It is just about Fall y’all and if you are like us, you are pulling out all the fall outfits, dreaming of plaid, and cozying up to a pumpkin spice latte! (yep! I think we hit all the fall feels with that list!) If there’s one thing we know, it’s that you Mamas want cute boot options for your little girls as much as yourself! We are helping you in your search for 2020’s best Toddler Girl Boots by creating the ultimate Guide!! This list is comprehensive and features a wide range of options for your girl: Suede, Leather, Faux Fur, Feathers, Fringe, and MORE. We have even gone so far as to include WIDE WIDTH Toddler Boot options and Adaptive Boot styles for little girls in Orthotics (AFO, SMO Braces). Just because wide feet or orthotics are in the mix, doesn’t mean cute Boots should take the back burner! Also worth mentioning is that while ALL of these boots are available in toddler sizes (hence, the name of this guide!) some of the boots also include sizing for infant and little girl! The sizing indicator beside each style will give you the heads up about the size range. What’s more is that each and every boot on this list is MADE IN the USA! By Shopping Gracious May’s 2020 Toddler Boot Guide you are putting jobs back into our local communities and investing in a brighter future for your child! Wow!! When was the last time your boots did that? Keep scrolling, this is going to be too much fun!!

#1: The Chestnut Suede Moccasin Boot

Toddler Girl Boots by Gracious May

(Like the socks? SHOP here: Cupcake Legwarmers)

Toddler Moccasin Boots

The Chestnut Moccasin Boot is #1 one in our Ultimate Toddler Boot Guide for several reasons! First of all this style has been a bestseller for 4 years in a row! The versatile brown suede makes these boots both durable and the perfect match for nearly every outfit. These boots are ankle height. The fringe covered shaft adds makes these boots totally unique without compromising their durability level! The Chestnut Suede Moccasin is available not only for toddlers, but also for infants and little girls too. Baby sizes are made with a suede sole, and larger sizes (toddler 5 and up) are made with a rubber sole! These boots are easy to put on and take off because the zipper at the back extends from the top of the shaft to the bottom of the sole. These boots also feature a generously sized shaft, so the work well for toddlers with chubby feet and ankles! These are boots that moms come back for year after year. The Chestnut Moccasin is a girls wardrobe staple! Due to popularity, this boot is now available in six different color options: Cobblestone Gray, Azalea Pink, Black, Evergreen, Navy, and Turquoise. Chestnut Brown is still a bestseller, though, so definitely make sure it is at the top of your wishlist for Fall!

#2: Suede Slouch Boots (with WIDE WIDTH option!)

Wide Width Toddler Girl Boots by Gracious May
Wide Width Toddler Boots

Fringe not your thing? No problem! Our #2 pick for toddler girls is the Suede Slouch Boot!! These boots come up to mid calf and are adorable with everything from leggings to dresses and back again! MAJOR BONUS: The Suede Slouch Boot is available in Wide Widths!! This style has a unique, equestrian riding boot feel to it. The Suede Slouch Boot can be dressed up, or worn casually! This boot is made with a faux suede exterior and a cozy wool-blend lining. This lining makes these toddler boots warm, and perfect for fall and winter. The sole is rubber, which is skid resistant (definitely a perk when busy toddlers are in the mix!). These boots are finished off with an adorable knot at the side. The shaft is a slouchy faux suede, which adds extra layers of warmth and texture! These boots feature a zipper closure making them easy to put on and take off (seriously a lifesaver when active little girls are the ones wearing them!). Sizing on this style starts and toddler 5 and extends all the way up to little girls 13! This broad size range makes The Suede Slouch Boot a great fall boot option for both toddler and big girls. These boots are available multiple color options: Stonewash Gray, Black, Chocolate, and Chestnut Brown. Can you imagine how cute these boots would be with a little corduroy jacket and some jeans? Snatch ’em up!

#3: MoccLuk® Fur Boots!

Gracious May  MoccLuk Fur Boots

The MoccLuk was made to be the ultimate Cozy Toddler Boot! We imagine this little boot accompanying your girl on vacation to a snow-covered Mountain lodge! The MoccLuk Toddler Boot has it all: fringe, Faux Fur, suede, and pom poms (cue heart-eyes)! This boot is durable as well as warm for fall and winter. It carries with it all the versatility of our Chestnut Moccasin Boots, but takes the cuteness to the next level with the addition of faux sherpa fur around the shaft. These boots feature a rubber sole and an easy-peasy zipper closure! This zipper closure makes dressing a breeze (at least the shoe part of it!). Are you tired of boots that are constantly falling off your toddler’s foot? A trademark feature of Gracious May Boots is a built in elastic ankle strap that holds them on snug as your child walks. This is a design element that really makes these boots stand out from all others on the market. Finally, boots that stay on your little one’s foot!

#4: LUXURY Feather Boots

Luxury Girls Feather Boots

Like the socks? SHOP here: Legwarmers

The LUXE Feather Fringe Boot was designed to be the ultimate LUXURY Boot for girls! This boot is a go-to for the mama who wants something totally unique for her girl! The first time we launched this boot at Gracious May, it sold out in just 7 days!! We since restocked and upgraded to a genuine leather leather body. This boot is absolutely gorgeous, with a layer of (imitation) feathers atop faux suede fringe! These boots are finished off with a gold colored zipper at the back. Go LUXE or go home with these one of a kind toddler girl boots!!

#5: TRENDING: The Cardigan Boot

2019 Boots for Girls

You can’t have an ULTIMATE list of toddler girl boots without highlighting what’s newly listed and trending NOW! The Cardigan Boot is one of our newest options at GraciousMay.com. This styles is designed with all of the fabulous features we’ve already mentioned: easy zipper closure, elastic ankle strap, rubber soles, and genuine leather uppers. In addition, this fall boot for your girl is features a cable knit shaft and an ornamental bras buckle. Don’t leave without checking out this brand new styles from Gracious May!

#6: NEW: The Leather Trail Mocc (Wide Widths available)

Toddler Wide WIdth  Boots by Gracious May

#7: Toddler Girl Boots for Orthotics, AFO, SMO, DAFO!

Since 2015, Gracious May has been making custom shoes and boots for little Girls (and Boys!) who wear ankle braces (commonly referred to as Orthotics or AFO Braces)! Reasons for wearing these orthotics varies. For Gracious May’s customers, AFO braces are most often worn due to muscular spasticity brought on by Cerebral Palsy. Additionally, SMO braces are often worn by toddlers on a short term basis to correct mild foot and ankle deformities. No matter the reason, we love to customize our footwear so that your little girl can have an adorable pair of boots to wear! We have a variety of styles and colors that fit over AFO Braces: Fringe Moccasins, Slouch Boots, Cowgirl Boots and more! These stylish boots are entirely custom made to fit your measurements. To order a pair of our custom boots, hop over to shoesforAFOs.com and choose the style you like. Once you have decided on a style, follow our instructions for taking your girl’s measurements. Always take your girl’s measurements with Orthotics on. Once you have input your measurements in the fields provided on the product page, proceed to checkout! From there, we take your measurements and custom make a pair of boots that fit over your child’s Brace. We ask for 2-6 weeks (depending on season and demand) to complete your AFO Customized Boots. Browse our selection of AFO Friendly Boots Today!

Boots to Brighten her Future:

Fall Outfits for Girls by Gracious May

This Faux Fur Vest is by Gracious May and can be purchased under the “Girls Apparel” Section at GraciousMay.com!

Our Boots are designed and made in the USA! A Gracious May goal is to revive US Manufacturing. Through this revival, we aim to create a wider range of job opportunities for the coming generation. It is a vision aimed at investing in a bright and productive future for our boys and girls. By purchasing a pair of American Made children’s boots from Gracious May, you are investing in this vision!

Click to read more about Gracious May and our 10 years as a Made in the USA Clothing Brand…

“I will praise thee, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvellous works. I will be glad and rejoice in thee: I will sing praise to thy name, O thou most High.” Psalm 9:1-2

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USA Made Clothing at Gracious May

USA Made Clothing and Shoes at Gracious May!

At Gracious May, EVERY SINGLE ITEM is USA Made. We say it so often, that what it means could be is easily overlooked. Today we are talking about what Made in USA means at the Gracious May Marketplace. Read on to find out why you are investing in something worthwhile when you shop Gracious May’s American Made Shoes and Clothing!

American Made in USA Clothing for Girls
Made in USA Girls Outfits>>

At Gracious May, Made in USA means working hard as a team and family; it means putting our reputation into each piece; it means giving opportunity to the community that supports us; it means doing to others as we would have them do to us.

Made in USA Clothing Brands Snugars
Snugar Headbands: a Gracious May Marketplace Vendor >>

At Gracious May, we see first hand the positive IMPACT that MADE IN USA has on individuals and families. Our team members THANK US for giving them jobs. They are grateful for the chance to work hard and earn a living. Gracious May’s American Made Shoes and Clothing are more than just fashion statements, they have purpose behind them!

Made in USA Clothing for Children by Gracious May
Corsage Headbands>>

At Gracious May, our team members are COMMITTED TO QUALITY. Each member of our manufacturing team puts a piece of themselves into every item at our Marketplace. We take our work seriously. When you are happy with our product, we are happy.

American Made in USA Women's Shoes and Clothes
Gray Mama Jane™>>

Are you ready for an shocking fact? Back in the 1960’s, the United States was the leading manufacturer of footwear worldwide. Today, the United States only manufactures 1% of the shoes worn the in the USA. Here at Gracious May we are glad to be part of that 1%. We stay close to our manufacturing and, subsequently, close to our manufacturers. Made in America means Gracious May can keep a close eye on the manufacturing of our Shoes and Apparel.

Shoes made in America (USA) by Gracious May

At Gracious May, MADE IN USA means that moms and dads in our local communities have jobs. We are committed to making our shoes and apparel in the USA. We want to give back to those who have invested in us.

To Gracious May, Made in USA means vibrant, creative, and functional, products. We want you to shop Gracious May Marketplace not simply because you support our Made in USA efforts, but because you have found our American Made Shoes and Clothing to be truly excellent.

American Made in USA Children's Shoes

At Gracious May Made in USA means looking to the future. The ability to work hard and earn a living is a gift. It lends to a feeling of satisfaction that little else can. Gracious May’s effort to remain MADE IN USA is an effort to preserve this opportunity for future generations; the opportunity to experience the satisfaction of a good day’s work. Your purchase from the Gracious May Marketplace supports this vision.

Whether you are looking for a Baby Gift, functional Shoes for your Toddler, a Back to School outfit for your little girl, Flower Girl Outfits, or comfortable leather flats for Ladies, please think to shop Gracious May’s Made in USA Marketplace first!

Cute Pink Flower Headbands for Girls Baby
Made in USA Snugar Headbands at Gracious May >>

“And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.” Colossians 3:17

The Gracious May Marketplace is an expansive range of Made in USA Wearable for Mother and Child. In addition to the Gracious May Label, we carry several high quality items from other Made in USA Brands (Snugars and Bushka Bag being our lead vendors). From Baby Gifts, to Ladies Shoes and Handbags, you can shop it at the Gracious May Marketplace! Gracious May products are made in the USA using USA and internationally sourced materials.

Baby Clothes Made in USA!

Baby Clothes Made in the USA
Madison in Chestnut Moccs>>

Are you looking for Baby Clothes made in the USA? The TOP 3 Made in USA Baby Clothing Brands are right here at GraciousMay.com! Gracious May, Snugars, and Bushka Bag are the three major brand labels here at graciousmay.com. With over 300 styles on site now, Gracious May is a leading provider of American made baby clothes. All of our baby clothes are made in the continental USA and shipped from our headquarters in Dallas, TX.

Gracious May, Snugars, and Bushka Bag are the three major brand labels you will see at graciousmay.com. These three brands are what we call our “in-house labels”. These are three brands that have been designed, developed, and manufactured by the Gracious May Team in the USA. Read on for more about our top 3 Made in the USA Baby Clothing Brands!

Gracious May:

Baby Shoes Made in the USA

Since 2008, Gracious May has specialized in Made in the USA Shoes for baby and toddler. From soft soled shoes for infant and new walkers, to a durable collection of rubber-soled toddler and big kid shoes: Gracious May has you covered! With over 90 different made in the USA shoe options for boys and girls, GraciousMay.com is a one-stop shop for Children’s Shoes Made in the USA!

Gracious May Baby Clothes and Shoes made in the USA
Frosting Pink Tutu Skirt and Silk Bow Mary Janes>>

With demand snowballing for baby and toddler shoes, we wanted to create a head-to-toe option for our buyers! In 2011 we launched the Gracious May baby and Toddler Apparel line. Each clothing design has been carefully designed to create a beautiful and high quality garment. The Gracious May children’s clothing line is designed to coordinate with Gracious May shoes for a complete head-to-toe look!


Snugars Baby Headbands Made in the USA

Snugars is a Gracious May sister-brand specializing in Made in the USA hats, headbands, and legwarmers for baby! The Snugars line offers sizes from 0-12 years, so toddler and child can also enjoy these one of a kind accessories. Each piece from the Snugars collection has been handmade in the USA since 2009! These baby hats and headbands make an exquisite and thoughtful gift for baby boy or girl!

Bushka Bag:

Bushka Diaper Bag Made in the USA

In 2011 the Gracious May team launched the Bushka Diaper Bag! This Made in the USA diaper bag is truly something special. In addition to being a stylish diaper bag, the Bushka unfolds into a diaper changing station for baby! Over the years we have expanded the Bushka line to feature made in the USA Baby Blankets, bibs, and Handbags!

Gracious May is your one-stop for Made in the USA Baby Clothes!

With over 300 styles on site now, GraciousMay.com is one of the leading providers of Made in the USA baby clothes. Here at Gracious May we put a huge emphasis on quality as well as design! We believe it is worth it to invest in producing our items in the USA and make every effort to deliver something truly special and valuable to our customers.

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“Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.” Psalm 127:3

US Manufacturing and the Covid-19 Pandemic: 3 Lessons

On February 26th I launched the USA Wardrobe Movement blog series. It recaps my personal efforts to quit shopping fast fashion, give my wardrobe a purpose, and support fellow brands who are manufacturing their products in the USA. When I launched in February, I had no idea how important this message would become. As I’ve thought about how the USA Wardrobe Movement relates to our current pandemic, there are a few things that I want to remember. In this post I am writing about US Manufacturing and the Covid-19 pandemic: 3 lessons I don’t want to forget.

1. Serious problems emerge when a country outsources over 90% of it’s consumer goods.

Serious problems emerge when a country outsources over 90% of it's consumer goods. graciousmay.com/blog Click To Tweet

In the past 6 weeks we have seen supply chains with China and other countries crimped amidst a world wide crisis. Because of cancelled flights, cargo planes are less able to bring shipments from overseas. Additionally, foreign countries are putting export bans on certain types of personal protective equipment (face masks). As a result, the USA has seen shortages on items like face masks, medical gowns, and various other types of personal protective equipment (PPE). I mentioned in part 1 of My Made in the USA Wardrobe that within 50 years (about 1/2 a lifetime) the USA has gone from manufacturing 97% of consumer goods (clothes and shoes) to just 2%. Serious problems come when a country over-outsources. The past 6 weeks have shed a bright light on that.

2. Buying Made in the USA products supports an infrastructure that will serve you in time of crisis.

Buying Made in the USA products supports an infrastructure that will serve you in time of crisis. graciousmay.com/blog Click To Tweet

Dallas, TX custom furniture company, Massoud Furniture, has stepped up and dedicated a portion of it’s task force to manufacturing hospitals gowns.

There is a remnant of manufacturers across the USA that have been able to shift operations from clothes (or other products) to Personal Protective Equipment. Were it not for these companies, things like face masks, hospital gowns, and other PPE would be nearly inaccessible during this pandemic. Seeing these US Manufacturers stand in the gap during a time of crisis has reinforced my belief that buying made in the USA products whenever possible is so important. Shopping USA made supports an infrastructure that will serve you in time of crisis.

Organic Cotton Made in the Face Masks

Glory Wraps, a company that specializes in Made in the USA Chemo Wraps, has ramped up production of general use face masks as the American people are advised to wear face coverings in public.

3. In uncertain times, quality becomes essential, not just preferential.

In uncertain times, quality becomes essential, not just preferential. graciousmay.com/blog Click To Tweet

In part 3 of My Made in the USA Wardrobe, I talked about buying what is built to last. This doesn’t sound very intellectual, but here it is: I’m glad I never built a wardrobe on distressed clothing trends. The day may come when we will actually have to wear our clothes until they are worn slick. Our grandparents did (and they knew how to buy the right quality for it!). Where will we be if we invest in clothes that are poorly made and “pre-distressed”? It’s important to buy what is built to last. Buy clothes that can be worn long term, and buy shoes that are designed to last.

Our day to day habits can revive US Manufacturing!

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As I evaluate the current landscape, my question is: will we return to our old “normal” after the dust settles? Will we return to buying quantity over quality and bypass local businesses for a better price? Or, will we be purposeful with our buying power; realizing that every time we spend a dollar we are making an investment? Not only shoes and clothes, but how they are being made.

With God’s mercy, there is time to turn the tide. I am hopeful and excited to continue sharing about made in the USA products an brands here on the Gracious May blog!

-Grace // Owner and Founder at Gracious May

“Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established.” Proverbs 16:3

Who then is that faithful and wise steward, whom his lord shall make ruler over his household, to give them their portion of meat in due season?Luke 12:42

Blush and Black

Thank you all so much for your encouraging words on Part 1 of My Made in the USA Wardrobe. When I first felt led to be more thoughtful about my wardrobe choices, I didn’t know much about terms such as “ethical facshion” or “sustainable style”. But, I am so thankful to hear there are others out there who are on the same journey! I am excited to continue to connect through these videos over the next 5 weeks :).

Outfit Details:

Blush Top: Made in the USA (purchased second hand)

Black v-neck Shirt: Made in the USA.

Black Pants: Thrifted

Black Leather Mary Janes: Made in the USA

Whenever I post an outfit with thrifted pieces in it, I try to link to similar thrifted items for you to shop. I hope this helps!

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