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When you buy American-made products, you invest in local communities!  These days, many women make the effort to shop around to find an American made shoe for women that’s not only well-made and comfortable, but also stylish and unique. Gracious May offers a full product line of women’s shoes that fulfill these requirements, but that are also Made in the U.S.A! Our shoes combine style and comfort and they’re made of genuine leather.  They’re guaranteed to withstand significant wear and tear!

Women who care enough to source their products and support American companies choose Gracious May shoes! Our Mary-Jane flats are specially crafted for all-day comfort. All of our shoes have an insole that’s designed to prevent fatigue. But just because they’re comfortable doesn’t mean that our customers sacrifice on style. We have a full line of possibilities for women sized 5 to 11 (in half-sizes too!) and we offer an array of color choices as well. Customers who are specifically looking for an American made shoe for women will be pleased to see that our products are both feminine and functional.

The most popular American made shoe for women that we offer at Gracious May is the Mama-Jane. We’ve taken this shoe style and created a series of unique options that give women plenty of choices to fit with any wardrobe. From our Blush-Pink Mama-Janes to the Leather Mama Mule, we have a wide selection of possibilities to choose from.

Our classic Made-in-the-U.S.A Mama-Jane is not only the most comfy shoe a woman will ever own, but it’s also one of the most durable! Since they’re made with genuine leather and a cloud sole, they’ll stretch a bit over time, so customers should take this into consideration when choosing a size. The buckle closure adds detail to this classy sandal. Wear it to work on a day-to-day basis or an event that require some extra pizzazz. They’re available in three different colors: hazlenut, gray, and black.

The Blush-Pink Mama-Janes are exceptional not only in terms of their solid construction, but also because these sleek shoes give any ensemble a finishing touch of femininty. As an American made shoe for women, this mary jane won’t pinch your feet or cause fatigue throughout the day. These Mama-Janes are made for all day comfort!

The Gray Mama-Janes and the Hazelnut Mama-Janes are two versatile and lightweight shoes with a streamlined silhouette, a cloud sole, and a comfortable ankle strap.  This style is the most anticipated leather American made shoe for women in our product line! As with all of our Mama-Janes, they’re designed not just for style, but also comfort and functionality. Our customers report that they fit like a glove. The Gracious May Blister-Free Guarantee holds true for the Gray Mama-Janes as well as each American made shoe for women in our product line.

Finally, the Leather Mama Mule takes a fresh perspective on the Classic Mule Style. If you’re looking for a fashionable, but decadently comfortable women’s shoe that you can wear to work, at home, or at play, this product was made for you! It features a chestnut brown leather body with a tasteful buckle accent and a small heel to complement any wardrobe. It slips on and off with ease and best of all, the leather materials used to make this shoe were vegetable tanned at one of the last remaining tanneries in the United States.  The Leather Mama Mule takes Made in the U.S.A to the next level! They are handcrafted in Texas and designed to take on the shape of your foot within just a couple of wears.