It’s finally the most wonderful time of the year!  With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, now is the time to begin ramping up your family’s holiday spirit. There is an abundance of ways to indulge in the seasonal cheer. Carve out time each weekend to plan a festive activity and get the most out of your holiday!

Bring Tradition to the Kitchen


The holiday is the perfect time to reconnect with the ones you love. As work, school, and life begin to speed up, it’s important to slow down and make connecting a priority. Bond with your little ones by sharing a tradition from your childhood. Pick a favorite family recipe, whether it be your aunt’s famous coffee cake or grandmother’s perfect snowball cookies, and pass it down to your children through practice. Put on some holiday music, reminisce about fond memories, and let the kitchen fill with the delicious scents of the season!


Run into the Holiday Season


Get into the spirit of the season by getting active! Participate in a local Turkey Trot for Thanksgiving or a Holiday fun run in order to prioritize your family’s health without sacrificing fun. These events are perfect opportunities to dress up in wild, seasonal ways like draping yourself in holiday lights or red and green outfits! If you’re not one for races or perhaps are weighed down by a carriage full of kids, there’s no pressure to actually run. Settle in the back of the crowd before the race begins, and follow behind at a comfortable stroll with your family.


Have a Holiday Movie Night


Although it’s important to limit screen time during the holidays to help your children focus on family time, make an exception one weekend to kick-off the season with a holiday movie night. There are tons of Christian movies to bring the spirit of the holidays into your home. Transform your living room into a winter wonderland to set the mood for your exclusive family showing. String up white lights to provide a cozy ambiance and buy “snow” (bags of cotton) at the local craft store to stretch around the room. Serve up peppermint hot chocolate brownies to indulge in the holiday drink without the mess.

Make Holiday Decorations


Sure, you could go out and buy all of your festive home decor. However, a house begging to be decorated provides the perfect opportunity for an arts and craft session with your children. In preparation for Thanksgiving, make thankful turkeys to display above your mantle or around your kitchen table. Your children will love customizing their own turkey while also becoming mindful of all the blessings in their life. As you get closer to December, have your kids make popcorn garland or pinecone Christmas trees to spruce up the home even further.

Plan a Festive Photoshoot


Make a point of sending holiday cards to those you care about. Get creative with your card by planning a holiday photoshoot, providing your family with the opportunity to incorporate seasonal cheer into their outfits. Not only will you get to dress up with the intention of creating your perfect holiday greeting card, but you’ll also be able to capture wonderful memories in the making. Opt for printing the photo onto notecards so that you can write personalized messages to your loved ones!