Your Shoes are Shipping!!

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Late night pumping out your orders!!  Gracious May, the brand, celebrates 12 YEARS in June. There have been serious highs and lows, but to this day I still feel like I have the best job ever.  The Lord is good!!!  Love, Gracious May

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About GraciousMay

Founder of the Gracious May Marketplace. Seeking to glorify Christ, and serious about reviving US Manufacturing. Colossians 3:17 | Follow on Instagram via @gracious_may

2 thoughts on “Your Shoes are Shipping!!

  1. LOVE this, Grace!!!! Keep it up!!!! Your business is such a beautiful testimony of God’s faithfulness AND such an inspiration to work heartily as unto the Lord any work that He gives our hands to do!!❤️ Congratulations on Gracious Mae’s upcoming TWELFTH birthday!!!!

    Love + Blessings!!
    ~Martha Joy

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