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“Does Made in the USA always mean high quality products?”

I had the pleasure of a radio interview with Amy at CovidVirginia.com (102.5 FM in Roanoke, VA). We talked about the USA Wardrobe Movement, Gracious May shoes & clothes, and Made in the USA products in general. During the interview she asked a really good question: “Does ‘Made in the USA’ always mean high quality?” I am going to share the answer to that question in this post and give you 5 tips for getting the best quality when you shop for Made in the USA Clothing!

The short answer is: not always. If you have been following me for a bit, you will know that 2 years ago I started the process of quitting fast-fashion and buying made in the USA clothes (read more here). While most made in the USA Clothing brands put a major emphasis on quality, I have learned from a few unfortunate experiences that I need to do a little digging before I buy.

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American Made Shoes for Women by GraciousMay

Made in the USA clothes and shoes are often more expensive than their imported counterparts. In return for the higher price, many American Manufacturers pack as much quality as possible into their products. Here are 5 tips for choosing the best quality possible when shopping made in the USA products! These 5-tips have helped me find the best quality when I am shopping for made in the USA clothing on the internet.

5 tips for finding the best quality when you shop Made in the USA Clothes and Shoes!

  1. Look for an “About Us” page. The best way to connect with the quality a brand puts out, is to get to know the brand! A brand’s About Page should share their story and/or mission statement (look for a button to it at the top or bottom of the homepage). If the brand has a video (like Gracious May’s video here) watch it and see if it tells you anything about the quality of the products and how they are made.
  2. Look for a blog or social media page. Here at Gracious May, we use our blog and social media pages to give you a closer look at how we make our products. I have found that other quality American Made Clothing brands do the same. It’s often a great way to find out what kind of materials and quality an American brand puts behind their product!
  3. Look for Customer Reviews. Customers say it best! Look for customer reviews on the website of social media pages to see what customers are saying about the quality of the brand’s products.
  4. Avoid sketchy-looking sites. You can’t always judge a book by it’s cover, but more often than not the quality of a brand’s website is a reflection of the quality of their product. If a brand is investing in high quality products, they will likely invest in a good website (and good photos). A picture is worth a thousand words!
  5. Be wary of prices that are too low. High quality, American Made clothing generally doesn’t dip below a mid-range pricepoint (unless the brand is offering a unique promo)! Be careful of websites that advertise “Made in the USA” and rock bottom prices.

These are a few of the tips that have helped me as I have shopped Made in the USA clothes and shoes these past 3 years! I hope they help you as you make an effort to do the same. Please subscribe to the USA Wardrobe Movement and once you do, I will immediately send you my 5 Tips for Building a Purposeful Wardrobe.

I believe it is so important for Americans to make an effort to shop USA made products, and I believe it’s equally as important for American Made clothing brands do deliver the highest quality possible.

Grace // GraciousMay.com

Made in the USA Product of the Week!

Hazelnut Mama Janes

These American made shoes for Women are genuine leather and Made in Texas! They come with a 3 year limited warranty, and blister free guarantee! Soft, yet durable. A lovely ladies flat for day to day. Shop in sizes 5-11.

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    I would like to order a pair of the fringed boots for my daughter, to go over her AFO’s. The problem we have been having is her right foot spreads out further than a normal shoe/foot goes. She gets blisters on the top of her foot from shoes because the shoe flatten down over her arch to provide the extra width of the brace. The other concern I have is that she is really tough on shoes. How strong is the sole in the boots? Could we talk 435 512 2866 ?

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