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American Made shoes for Women by Gracious May…

Gracious May’s Ladies shoes are made to order in the Dallas, Texas, area! Our American made (USA) women’s shoes are created with an emphasis on excellence through simplicity. We make shoes for both women and children here at Gracious May, but in this post we will talk specifically about our Ladies Collection. Our ladies shoe collection took 10 years of trial and error before we were ready to launch! The wait was worth it, and Gracious May customers raving about our newly launched Ladies Shoe collection! Keep reading for a full look at Gracious May’s Ladies Shoe Collection…

Meet the Gracious May Mama Jane

Simple, yet elegant. Classy, yet practical. The Gracious Mama Jane™ was the first ladies shoe we launched and is perfect for your every day needs! These leather mary janes are designed for comfort as well as style. No painful break in process is required, these shoes are designed to fit like a glove from the very first wear. Wear these women’s flats to work, or with a pair of jeans for a day at the house. It’s the little black dress of the shoe world!

Shoes with an emphasis on excellence through simplicity…

Each pair of our American made shoes for ladies features a simple, streamlined silhouette. This is the result of an intentional effort on our part. When breaking into any market, making a truly excellent introduction is essential! At Gracious May, we wanted to make sure we had the basics down pat. We put focus on creating a streamlined shoe that looks lovely on the foot without a lot of excess. We have also selected the best quality hardware to add just the right amount of accent! Antique brass buckles accent our mary janes and leather mules to create a classy finish.

Made in USA Hazelnut Mama Jane
Hazelnut Mama Jane™>>

“a streamlined shoe that looks lovely on the foot without a lot of excess.”

Soft leather from top to toe…

Each pair of American Made shoes in the Gracious May Ladies Collection features genuine leather from top to toe. We have chosen some of the softest leather available to make our Ladies shoes! One of the things you will notice is that your Gracious May Shoes will take the shape of your foot after just a few wears. This will make you feel like you are walking in shoes that were custom made just for your foot! What’s more is that each pair of our shoes comes with our Blister Free Guarantee, meaning you will not experience the painful break in process that accompanies most store bought shoes. Gracious May shoes are designed to fit comfortably, like a glove, from the very first wear!

Comfortable Ladies Shoes Blush Leaher Mama Jane American Made
Blush Leather Mama Jane™ Flats

“designed to fit comfortably, like a glove, from the very first wear!”

Gracious May’s American made shoes for women are soft bodied! This means they aren’t likely force your foot into unnatural positions. The fact that our shoes stretch and take the shape of your foot makes them unique from others on the market. Foot problems late in life are often the result of choosing shoes that damage the structure of your foot early on. At Gracious May, we aim to create shoes that cradle and encourage the natural shape of your foot, rather than constrict it!

Our Women’s shoes are extremely lightweight!

One of the things you will notice straight out of the box is that Gracious May’s American made shoes for women are extremely lightweight! We use a cloud soling which offers great shock absorption while remaining lightweight. From indoor to outdoor wear, our shoes move with your foot and you will more than likely forget you are even wearing them! Our flats and mules for women were designed to give you all the appearance of a classy shoe, while also being lightweight and comfortable.

Ultimate comfort…

As we mentioned already, our shoes feature a cloud soling, which is extremely lightweight. This soling also provides great shock absorption for walking on hard surfaces like concrete, pavement, asphalt, etc. Our Mama Janes take the call to comfort to another level with the addition of a double cushioned insole. This insole is designed to reduce fatigue in the feet and legs, keeping you comfortable during long days on your feet.

Gracious May American Made in USA Womens Comfortable Leather Flats

Built to last…

Whether you are wearing them to work, or just around the house, we’ve built our shoes to last! As an example, the shoes in this picture are the very first successful Mama Jane prototype we ever constructed. These shoes are still being worn daily (by our CEO, Grace) and look excellent! What’s more is that each pair of Gracious May’s American made shoes for Women comes with a certificate of Authenticity. This certificate is good for one free repair during the lifetime of the shoes! At Gracious May, we stand behind our quality.

At the forefront…

At Gracious May it is our goal to produce shoes that are not only American Made, but also shoes that are at the forefront of the marketplace. As we grow our collection we are paying attention to customers needs and requests. It is our aim to create footwear that is relevant, yet timeless. We do this by striving for a well-balanced combination of quality, function, and trend-awareness. Here at Gracious May, it is our goal to create shoes that transcend the trends. This means we aim to create shoes that coordinate with what’s trending now, but remain stylish and classy once those trends fade!

“we aim to create shoes that coordinate with what’s trending, but remain stylish and classy once those trends fade!”

A quick word from Gracious May’s designer…

I truly hope that Gracious May’s Ladies shoes are a reflection of God’s grace. The Bible talks about the fact that, after we’ve been born-again in Christ, we are to continue to grow in grace. Grace is the undeserved favor of God that enables us to first come to Him through Christ for forgiveness; and then thrive and experience goodness throughout life. Grace is the goodness we receive not because of what we’ve done, but in spite of it.  For me, to “grow in grace” means I grow in my ability to show it to others and grow in my ability to receive it for myself. I want Gracious May shoes to be a wearable reflection of God’s grace: simple, genuine, and comforting.

Love, Grace

“But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.” 2 Peter 3:18

Revival… from the bottom up!

Here at Gracious May we want to see a large scale revival of US Manufacturing. One thing we’ve come to understand is that this revival has to start from the bottom up. We realize that it’s the small businesses that will make the bigger impact in reviving US manufacturing.

Made in Dallas Area Gracious May

Through the Gracious May blog and the Gracious May “TV Channel” we aim to show you the value that lies behind Gracious May’s USA Made products. We have created videos that give you a look at how the products at our Marketplace are made. In addition to the Gracious May TV Channel, these blog posts are an in depth un-packing of all the details that go into the design process. We also give you a peek at the manufacturing and additional effort that goes into delivering a product that is worth your money!

Made to order in the Texas, USA…

Gracious May shoes are Custom Made in Dallas, Texas, area (USA).  Once you place your order, we ask for 1-3 weeks to complete your American made shoes.  If you are in a hurry, please contact us about a rush order.  We are happy to accommodate deadlines when we can.  Thank you for your appreciation of our custom crafted, American Made footwear!

“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.” Ephesians 3:20-21

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American Made Shoes by Gracious May

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