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Gracious May: specializing in Made in USA Shoes since 2009!

Gracious May Shoes are handcrafted in the heart of the USA! We are giving you a behind the scenes look at that process with our latest video (above)! Here at the Gracious May workshop we prep, finish, and ship our Made in USA Shoes to customers around the world! We have been manufacturing footwear for babies, children, and ladies since 2009 and that manufacturing has always happened right here in the USA. We aim to be at the frontline of fashion with our designs by releasing new styles on a monthly basis! With each new shoe we put out we make efforts to maintain and improve upon quality manufacturing methods. This makes for a pair of shoes that outlasts the trends remains stylish and functional year after year! Shop our full collection at !

We make Shoes for Baby…

Denim Baby Shoes

Baby is where it all started for Gracious May! Even though we’ve grown to feature footwear for children and ladies, we have kept up our line of soft sole baby booties. With our baby shoe line, we aim to create adorable shoe for baby that are functional and comfortable! Gracious May baby shoes are made of vibrant designer fabrics and often feature HAND STITCHED flower embellishments. We don’t stop at style, though! When it comes to our made in USA baby shoes, we have TWO major goals: #1 creating a baby shoes that STAY ON your baby’s foot and #2 making a flexible, yet durable soft sole. We are happy to say that our customers rave about the fact that Gracious May shoes stay on wiggly baby feet! As for the sole, Gracious May’s made in USA baby shoes feature a suede sole for sizes 0-12 months. This allows for a flexible shoe that doesn’t force your baby’s foot into any unnatural positions during those important fast-growth stages. In addition to flexibility, the suede adds an element of durability to our baby shoes. Unlike most infant booties which have a cloth sole, Gracious May baby shoes feature a suede sole that will far outlast cloth. Our infant shoes are soft, sweet, and perfect for growing, baby feet!

We make Shoes for Children…

Made in USA Children's Shoes
Little Girls Blush Moxie Janes®>>

Durable, designed to match every outfit, fantastic fit: these are just a few of the things we focus on when designing Gracious May Children’s shoes! We also like to throw in a splash of whimsy with shoes featuring puppies, horses, and butterflies! Our made in USA Children’s shoes feature a rubber soles for traction and support. We also like to use materials such as genuine leather and suede to increase durability. When designing our children’s shoes we make an effort to choose colors that will match a wide variety of outfits! We truly aim to create a pair of unique and versatile shoes that are worth your investment. Each pair of Gracious May Children’s Shoes comes with a limited warranty. Many of our customers return year after year for Gracious May Classics, saying that they are their child’s favorite shoe!

We make Shoes for Ladies…

Comfortable Ladies Shoes Blush Leaher Mama Jane American Made
Blush Leather Mama Jane™ Flats

We designed our ladies shoes because our customers wanted Gracious May Shoes to match their children! It took us 7 years to develop the Gracious May Mama Jane, but customer feedback says our women’s shoes were worth the wait! These shoes are genuine leather with a cloud sole for maximum comfort. Our ladies mary janes are designed with a sleek, streamlined silhouette and classy buckle closure. Our women’s shoes are made by hand here at the Gracious May Headquarters in Texas. Here is what Gracious May customers are saying about our made in USA Women’s shoes:

Just wanted to let you know that my shoes arrived and I love ’em. Not only the most comfortable shoes I’ve owned in a long time, they are also the cutest!” -Jane Z.

“The most comfortable shoes I own!” -Customer

“These USA made shoes are going to rock your boat. Comfy, beautiful and stylish.” -Leah F.

We Make Shoes for AFO Braces…

Made in USA Shoes for AFO Braces

Did you know that children with Cerebral Palsy often have wear AFO braces? In 2015, we began taking custom orders from moms who wanted cute shoes that would fit over these AFO Braces. In 2018 we launched where customers can shop a full line of Gracious May footwear specifically designed for children who wear AFO Braces! We custom make our Shoes for AFO Braces according to your measurements. These shoes are made at Gracious May Headquarters. In addition to shoes, we also make Boots for AFO Braces. It is our goal to provide the special needs community with a fresh outlook on daily life in Orthotics by creating customized footwear that does not compromise style!

Browse our full selection of Shoes and Boots for AFO Braces at!

We make shoes for God’s glory…

The Bible tells Christians that no matter what we do, we should do it all for God’s glory. Gracious May’s foremost goal in business is to glorify God. Whether it’s making shoes, or answering customer service calls and emails; we want to honor the Lord in the way we serve you. We hope to represent Him well in the quality we present in our products and in the efforts we make to excel. The work we do here on earth will fade with time, but the word of God will stand forever! We encourage you to read more about the Bible, God’s Word, here.

“Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31

Shoe of the Month by Gracious May!

Made in USA Shoes of the Month By Gracious May

A Gracious May Goal is to be the first name in Made in USA Footwear! It’s a big goal, but it’s one we are actively investing in here at Gracious May. We are investing in this goal by focusing on quality worth returning for. Additionally, we strive to present you, the customer, with fresh styles on a regular basis! Two ways we do this are through regularly scheduled releases that flow with the seasons (boots for fall, mary janes for spring, etc.), and through Gracious May’s “Shoe of the Month”. Shoe of the Month is a new and fresh Children’s Shoe launched once a month and available until sold out. These shoes often feature whimsical prints like puppies, horses, butterflies, kitties, and more!

Click to see Gracious May’s Shoe of the Month!

Gracious May is part of the 1% of shoes still Made in USA!

Only 1% of the shoes worn in the USA are actually made in the USA! This is an astounding fact when we consider that the United States was once the worlds leading manufacturer of footwear. Back in the 1960’s, the United States produced 97% of the footwear on the market. Here at Gracious May we are so grateful that our shoes are part of the 1% that are still made in the USA! There is truly something special about wearing a product that was made in the country you’ve been born and raised in.

Small batches, HUGE attention to detail!

Gracious May Shoes are finished out in small batches! We seldom work with more than 50 pairs at a time, allowing us to keep tight reigns on quality. Keeping the batches small allows us to focus in on details that set handcrafted shoes apart in today’s market! Polishing is done by hand, embellishments are stitched one by one, and hardware is hand-selected. These efforts are put forth with the intention of creating a pair of shoes that is worth your investment.

10 years of experience goes into each pair of Gracious May Shoes!

10 years of shoe-making experience goes into each pair of Gracious May Shoes! We strive to create footwear that is worth your investment. Over the past 10 years our footwear manufacturing processes have grown and expanded: bit by bit, layer upon layer. Shoemaking is truly an art. It is one that is developed and improved over decades; handed from one person to another and passed down from one generation to the next. Shoes that are made by hand in the USA are fading from the marketplace. Gracious May is so grateful to be part of the 1% of footwear that is still made by hand in the USA!

Shoes that invest in her future…

Shoes for her future...

When you purchase from Gracious May, you are investing in Gracious May’s vision. A Gracious May goal is to revive US manufacturing! When you buy a Made in USA product, your money stays close to the communities that directly affect you. Our hope is that, through the revival of US manufacturing, we can provide a wider range of job opportunities for the coming generation. Gracious May aims to invest in a bright and productive future for the ones we love most. Creating a job market that is teeming with opportunity for creative, hard working job-seekers is part of the Gracious May vision. Thank you for shopping Gracious May!

As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.” Galatians 6:10

Carry Gracious May’s Made in USA Shoes in your store!

Nearly every item from the Gracious May Marketplace is available at wholesale prices (to qualifying retailers). Every store and boutique should have a portion of their floor space dedicated to USA Made Products. In addition to the quality that artisan made shoes and clothing add to your store, carrying USA Made Products helps to convey to your customers that you care about supporting local communities!

Submit a wholesale application to carry Gracious May Products in your Store!

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