We Make Shoes and Boots for AFO Braces!

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What is an AFO Brace?

What is an AFO Brace?

First off, many of you may be asking: “What is an AFO Brace??”. To answer, AFO stands for Ankle Foot Orthosis and refers to a plastic brace that is worn on the foot and ankle. Why do people wear AFO Braces? For Gracious May’s customers, AFO’s are worn because of weak or contracted muscle tone brought on by cerebral palsy. AFO braces are also worn by toddlers on a short term basis to correct mild foot and ankle deformities. Whatever the reason for wearing AFO braces, Gracious May loves to customize CUTE shoes for you to wear over them! Keep reading and watch the video above to find out more about Gracious May’s special sub-site, ShoesforAFOs.com!

Here at Gracious May we customize our shoes and boots to fit over AFO Braces! We have been making shoes for AFOs since 2015, when a mama requested a custom order for her tiny fashionista with mild cerebral palsy. After 3 years of taking custom orders by email, we launched ShoesforAFOS.com, a sub-site of Gracious May that makes ordering custom shoes for orthotics easy! We customize our shoes for boys, girls, and women in AFO Braces. We desire to give A Fresh Outlook to the special needs community by providing shoes and boots for orthotics that do not compromise on style! Read on for the full story from Grace!

From Grace…

From Grace

The Shoes for AFO’s “story” is so special to me. I really believe the Lord has led us to launch this special line of footwear as a specific answer to a prayer. It was back in 2014 that I was at my computer and came across a a video about a company (Firefly) that had invented a harness for children with disabilities. Most of the children in this video were not able to walk or stand on their own. This harness gave these children the ability to stand upright and take a few simple steps. As I saw the joy on these children’s faces, I knew that I wanted to be a part of something like this. I prayed right there that the Lord would open up the opportunity for my business to serve the special needs community in a similar way.

I sort of left it there, with that prayer, and went on with business as usual. 8 months later, however, a mama contacted me with a special request; she needed a pair of shoes for her daughter who wore AFO braces. This little girl was the sweetest and most stylish little lady. She loved wearing adorable outfits and accessories, but due to mild cerebral palsy and the subsequent need to wear AFO Braces, cute shoes were next to impossible to find. This mama loved our Chestnut Suede Moccasin Boots and asked if we could customize them to fit over her daughter’s AFO braces. Even though it was one of our busiest seasons ever at Gracious May, I felt a huge tug to pause and take this custom order. I asked this mama to measure her daughter’s feet and ankles with the brace on (yep, the same measurements we ask you for when you order at ShoesforAFOS.com today!) and then translated these measurements into a fully customized pattern. I prayed my way through that first pair and shipped them off to their new home! Long story short, those boots fit perfectly and this mama began telling her friends about how “Gracious May customized boots that would fit over AFO Braces”! Word of mouth spread and we began taking custom orders from special needs moms around the world!

After 3 years of taking orders for our custom shoes for AFO’s by email, we launched ShoesforAFOS.com! At ShoeforAFOS.com you will find the Gracious May styles that have been specifically designed to wear over orthotics. At shoesforAFOS.com we also give you a clear and easy way to provide the measurements we need to create your custom shoes and boots.

AFO: A Fresh Outlook…

Here at Gracious May, we have taken the acronym AFO and given it an uplifting spin. Instead of ankle foot orthosis, to us, AFO means A Fresh Outlook. Gracious May’s goal with ShoesforAFOs.com is to provide A Fresh Outlook to the special needs community with stylish footwear that fits over AFO Braces! We focus on creating shoes that not only make your child feel normal, but also beautiful (or handsome, as is the case with little guys :))!

This new chapter has already brought so much joy to my team and I! Seeing your children in the Gracious May Shoes for AFOs makes every ounce of effort worth it. Whatever the future brings, we look forward to continuing to offer A Fresh Outlook to the special needs community with customized Gracious May shoes and boots for orthotics. We also hope that our footwear brings light to the truth that no matter how difficult the season or situation, the Lord is able to make something beautiful in it.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

We make Girls Shoes for AFO Braces…

As the saying goes, Shoes are a girl’s best friend! When we design our Girls Shoes for AFOs we like to make sure the colors are vibrant and adorable! We mainly use leather and suede when constructing our shoes. This ensures that they are durable as well as cute. We make flowery mary janes, dress shoes, cowgirl boots, fringe moccasins! We know your girl loves to sparkle, so we have a collection of metallic flats in our girls shoes lineup. From boots to dress shoes for AFOs, our girls collection has what you need!

We make Boys Shoes for AFO Braces…

Don’t forget about the boys!! We have sneakers, cowboy boots, and fringe Moccasins for Boys in AFO braces! One of our customers said that when her grandson opened the Cowboy Boots she bought him for Christmas he exclaimed: “Look, now I have Boots just like all the other cowboys!!” We also designed a sneaker-style shoe for boys in AFO braces. The sneaker features an extra large opening and adjustable velcro strap. This allows the shoes to slip on and off easily over the AFO brace!

We make Ladies Shoes for AFO Braces…

We make our bestselling AFO Customized Moccasin Boot in Ladies sizes!! These boots are super stylish and feature a zipper that extends all the way to the sole. This allows these boots to slip on over the AFO brace! These Ladies Boots for AFO Braces are available in 8 different colors! These boots are genuine suede from top to toe with a rubber sole. We focus a lot on creating a durable pair of shoes for you that can be enjoyed for several seasons. We strive to make Shoes for AFOs that are worth your investment!

 At shoesforAFOS.com you can browse all the styles we’ve designed to fit over children and ladies Orthotics.  While you are shopping there, you can even bring your child along to let them pick their favorite pair!  Once you’ve decided on a pair you love, you’ll be asked for 4-5 different foot measurements right there on the product page. No need to be intimidated by these measurements! We have created a page with images on how to properly take the measurements. To further help us achieve the best fit, you’ll be given an option to upload a picture of your brace at checkout. Using this feature allows us to check your child’s brace for any extra bumps, curves, or hinges that need to be accounted for when we make your custom shoes!

Once you place your order, we take it from there! Every pair of shoes and boots from shoesforAFOS.com is custom made to fit your measurements. Each pair is custom made right here at Gracious May Headquarters in the Dallas, TX area!   Several sets of hands are involved in making and shipping your custom shoes.  The Shoes for AFO team consists of pattern makers, cutters, stitchers, workers trained in applying the rubber soles, and of course our shipping team!

When you receive your custom shoes, we want it feel like opening a gift…

Shoes that fit AFO Braces

We put a lot of effort into wrapping your custom shoes in a way that will delight you and your child! Many of our moms come to us, heartbroken over unsuccessful shoe shopping experiences.  They have taken their sweet boy or girl from store to store in desperate search of a pair of shoes that will fit over their child’s AFO Braces: and all without success! At shoesforAFOS.com we aim to make the order process easy and, once your custom shoes for AFO Braces are delivered, we want you to feel like you are opening a gift!

Fit is guaranteed!

Fit is guaranteed, we will work with you until we have achieved a great fit!! We know that ordering online can be tough, but we are committed to ensuring you receive the best fit no matter what.

Boots for AFO Braces

Will help us generate word of mouth about ShoesforAFOS.com?

Will you share about Gracious May Shoes for AFOs? You can share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your own blog, or with just one other mom by text or email!  Your word of mouth is so valuable to us.  We would be so grateful if you would help in spreading the word about ShoesforAFOS.com by Gracious May!  Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter (you’ll find a signup form at shoesforAFOS.com)! Many of our moms request extra business cards to share with friends or Physical Therapists and we are are more than happy to accommodate those requests!  Your word of mouth means so SO MUCH TO US.   Thank you.

“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him  glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen” Ephesians 3:20-21

About GraciousMay

Founder of the Gracious May Marketplace. Seeking to glorify Christ, and serious about reviving US Manufacturing. Colossians 3:17 | Follow on Instagram via @gracious_may

10 thoughts on “We Make Shoes and Boots for AFO Braces!

  1. Do you make winter boots that fit over AFO for adults? I am desperate. My old boots that were a battle to put on finally gave up the ghost. Now there is snow on the ground and I have no boots. I need something easy to put on over my AFO Brace. Water proof and warm.

    1. Hi Katrina!! We’d love to customize a pair for you! if you email Hello (at) graciousmay.com with a picture of the old boots that worked for you, we will start from there! -Grace

  2. My son has gotten to the age where I want him to start wearing an orthotic. I am glad that your article mentions the importance of helping your child adjust to the new addition emotionally. I’ll be sure to schedule an appointment with a podiatrist in the future.

    1. Thank you so much for this wonderful comment, Sahuna! We look forward to the opportunity to customize a pair of shoes for him!

  3. I have MS and wear an AFO for foot drop. I would still like to buy cute shoes!!! I found one pair of boots that would go over the brace but the zipper has finally busted in them. I’ve tried dozens of others but none will go over the bottom part of the brace where the screw just out. Can you help??

    1. Absolutely! If you go to shoesforAFOS.com you can purchase a pair of our fully customized shoes. You provide us with the measurements and details surrounding your braces and we make them to fit :).

  4. My daughter is back in an AFO brace after a number of years without it. Finding shoes for a very malformed ankle has been such a challenge! She is currently taking a culinary class that requires leather shoes with non-slip soles (it has to say that on the bottom!) and we are struggling to find any that will fit her brace. I don’t know if you can help, but if you can’t do you know of any resources. We have tried Healthyfeet, Orthofeet, Apis, Apex to no avail. If you could help us we would be thrilled!

    1. Hi Denise! Thank you so much for commenting! Unfortunately, our customization is mostly limited to child sizing, but check out Billy Footwear’s adult line!

  5. Good morning, I do realize after looking over your beautiful site, that you are more geared towards girls. I have a 7 year old son, and he wears AFO braces. unfortunately, they make his feet so wide and big , that finding even orthotic shoes to go over them is impossible. i would like to know if you could do something for a boy as well? i have tried and looked high and low, bought and returned, and I am starting to give up. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for all you do Codie Janis

    1. Thank you so much, Codie! Right now we customize our fringe boots in Navy and Black for little boys! We used to have a sneaker style, but it was becoming difficult to size these remotely (without the little one in person).

      I really appreciate your comment :).

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