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✨✨A BRAND NEW HIGHLIGHT AT GRACIOUSMAY.COM: The Gracious May Gift Guide!! ✨✨ Each item in our gift guide is unique, handcrafted, and USA Made. We have gifts for baby girl, baby boy, children, and Ladies! Scroll for a direct link to each category!

The Gracious May Gift Guide is updated with new and unique gifts year round! Whatever you are shopping for; be it Christmas, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Mother’s Day, and beyond, Gracious May’s Gift Guide is chock full of gifts for all!

Click for Gifts for Baby Girl:

Gifts and Gift Sets for Baby Girl

Click for Gifts for Baby Boy:

Gifts and Gift Sets for Baby Boy

Click for Gifts for Toddler and Big Girls:

Click for Gifts for Toddler Boy:

Gifts and Gift sets for Toddler Boy

Click for Gifts for Mom:

Use the Code “GiftGuide” at checkout for FREE SHIPPING and Gift Wrap on orders over $25!

THE GRACIOUS MAY GIFT GUIDE IS LIVE and full of unique gifts for nearly everyone on your list!!!

We have pulled together the best, made in USA gift items from the Gracious May Marketplace and put them into one easy-to-shop category. We have Gift Collections for baby girl, baby boy, toddler and big girl, toddler boy, and ladies (aka mom and sisters!). Gift Wrap is included with all Gracious May Gift Guide orders, and shipping is free for orders of $25+ (just be sure to use the code “GiftGuide” at checkout)!

“The fact is, that in a world full of ‘stuff’, we as shoppers are in search of meaningful, unique gifts for the ones we love…”

Gracious May’s gift guide features gifts that are hand made in the USA. Each item has heart and quality behind it! Our gift guide includes some of our best gift items for baby, toddler, children, and mom!

Women’s Black Mama Janes>>

For the last 10 years, Gracious May has been widely recognized as a Made in the USA footwear brand. Footwear is still our signature and mainstay here at Gracious May, but beginning in March 2019, we began to transition GraciousMay.com into a Marketplace. The Gracious May Marketplace is dedicated to featuring the best Made in USA items available. We don’t simply carry a product because it is Made in USA, we are setting the bar higher. The items at the Gracious May Marketplace are unique, handcrafted, and USA Made! We are setting the bar high for USA Makers and creating a marketplaceplace that is dedicated to featuring the best of the best!

It’s a Gracious May goal the be the best unique gift destination on the internet!

It is our goal at Gracious May to be the best unique gift destinations on the internet! Each item in the Gracious May Gift Guide ships quickly and arrives beautifully gift wrapped. We live in a world where “stuff” is piling up everywhere. The glut of cheap products creates a hunger for product with value, gifts that are unique, and USA made items with real stories behind them. Gracious May’s aim is to be an oasis of beautifully crafted products in a mass-produced market!

The Gracious May Gift Guide is easy (and fun!) to browse!

Gracious May aims to provide you with the best gifts available for every person on your list! We have curated collections based on gender and age group. This makes shopping easy! We have gifts for baby and newborn; which are perfect as baby shower gifts, or for use as pregnancy announcements. We have gifts for toddlers and children; which are perfect for birthday parties, Christmas gifts, Valentines, and beyond! We have gifts for mom, gifts for sisters, and gifts for wife! We strive to provide you with a well-rounded selection so that you can make Gracious May your one-stop shopping destination.

Meaningful gifts for mom!

Mother’s Day is a time when it’s especially important to choose a unique gift for mom! To find a beautiful gift for mom, browse our Gift Guide for created especially for Mamas. Build the perfect gift, by choosing a variety of handcrafted items from the Gracious May Gift Guide for Mamas. You will find handcrafted jewelry, footwear, handbags, and headbands. Choose one or two of these items, then let us do the gift wrapping for you!

The products in our Gift Guide are not only unique, they are handcrafted in the USA by local artisans!

Each item in our collection of unique gifts for moms is tested and approved by the Gracious May Team. Many of the items we feature in our Gifts for Mama section are actually products that ladies here at Gracious May HQ wear and use daily!

We have unique gift options for both BOYS and Girls!!

Cozy Ears Snugar Beanie>>

Our selection of unique gifts for baby includes: booties, soft cuddle blankets, bibs, beanies, and more! We have items for both baby boy and baby girl. Add a monogram to our baby blankets and bibs to create a personalized baby shower gift! We know that baby boy is sometimes overlooked. Yep, girly bows and sparkles are easy to find, but equally adorable gifts for baby boy can be a challenge to hunt down. Here at Gracious May, we have so many adorable options for baby boy. We’ve got Blue Suede Shoes, Handmade Puppy Dog Beanies, and cozy-soft blankets in several boy colors! If you need a unique baby shower gift for boys, Gracious May has you covered!

We’ve removed headache!

In each of our gift guide sections we aim to provide you with enough options to create a complete gift, without subjecting you to the headache of sifting through 900 different products. You will notice that each Gift Guide section has around 15 items in it at maximum. We did this intentionally. We know that when it comes time to shop for the perfect gift, decision making can be the culprit for so much stress! At the Gracious May gift guide we have boiled it down to some of our best options. We have assembled a selection of our best products. We have also made sure the colors and styles in each section coordinate well with one another. This allows you to checkout with a combination of items that creates a well coordinated gift. We have eliminated the grunt work that goes into shopping so that you can enjoy the process of buying and giving a unique gift!

Complimentary Gift Wrap on orders of $25+!

Each order of $25+ from the Gracious May Gift Guide is delivered gift wrapped (just be sure to use the coupon code, “Gift Guide”)! When you are at checkout, you also have the option of adding a personalized gift message to your order. Whether you arrange to have the gift shipped directly to the recipient or not, your gift arrives wrapped and ready! A simple bow is tied around a logo-stamped box to create a refreshingly sweet presentation.

Gracious May has a unique gift for every budget!

The Gracious May Gift Guide features unique gifts with prices starting at $10! Whatever your budget, there is something here for you! Here at Gracious May we make an effort to put more emphasis value than pricepoint; however, we do understand that budget often comes into play when gift-giving! We have handmade gift options for nearly every budget: $10, $15, $25, $35 and more. We aim to provide you with the most unique, handmade gifts that will accommodate your budget. Our lower priced gift items make great birthday party favors, Valentines, stocking stuffers, and more! Whether you need a head to toe gift for a birthday party, or just a small party favor item, Gracious May has options for you!

Made by hand:

Handcrafted Heart Mug>>

Here at Gracious May we put an emphasis on curating a Marketplace full of truly handcrafted items! There is so much character and value in items that have been assembled by hand. By purchasing a handcrafted, USA Made product you are investing in the life of a local maker. You are investing in those who rely on your faithful support to stay in business. You are passing on the torch, so-to-speak, and realizing that your purchases (no matter how large or small) make an impact!

See how Gracious May’s products are made!

We love to connect with our customers through video! At the Gracious May Channel, you will see all of the videos we have created around our products. Through our videos, we hope to show you just how much love and attention to detail goes into each item from the Gracious May Marketplace! We invite you to head on over and watch a few of those videos about our made in USA products. Additionally, you can watch these videos on the product pages when you are shopping.

Revival from the bottom up!

At Gracious May we are serious in our efforts to revive US Manufacturing. As we have actively worked towards this goal, we have realized that it is the small businesses that make the more serious impact. In fact, small businesses make up over 95% of the US economy! Creating a platform for well-crafted, USA Made products is one of the ways that Gracious May is actively working to revive US Manufacturing.

Shop Unique Gifts at the Gracious May Marketplace today!

“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.” Ephesians 3:20-21

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