My thinking has changed.

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“Too bad it’s not Made in USA”. I think my family might be sick of hearing this from me when we are out shopping major retailers. The reality is: the way I shop has changed. I look at labels, and if it is an imported product that could be sourced from a USA supplier, I think twice before I buy.

The first tag I used to look at was the price tag, now it’s the label that tells me where the product was made.

Even buying second hand supports local businesses in a big way. My shopping process usually goes something like this:

“I like this, but can I find it made in the USA?”

“Okay, if I cannot find a made in the USA option that’s in my budget, could find a local second-hand seller with a similar item?”

If I can buy a second-hand item from a local seller, I am supporting a local business in the same way I would support a USA manufacturer. Plus, this gives me the ability to repurpose and avoid directly stimulating the mass imports of foreign goods that may not be ethically manufactured.

December is a huge shopping month, and I want to encourage you to shop small. Go to your local farmer and artisan markets, search out handmade businesses, and be willing to buy less so you can support more. More ethics in the US marketplace, more thoughtfulness in the types of gifts you give, more quality, and more opportunity for local businesses to heal through your support.

This is a short post, but I hope it makes a big impact on the way you think and shop this Christmas Season!

At, everything is MADE IN THE USA! We are so grateful for the support of each and every one of you as you shop our made in the USA products this season!

Thank you for thinking of small businesses,


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3 thoughts on “My thinking has changed.

  1. Amen! So many friends and acquaintances talk a good talk, but when I ask them to actually look where the things in their home are sourced they get very uncomfortable. The fact is if it wasn’t made in the USA I am not contributing to my fellow Americans job security. I was so disappointed that there were only two items in the entire LL Bean catalog that were not imported. I realized I must put my money where my mouth is and if that means occasionally going without something that I want then so be it. I’ll eventually find it American made and perhaps a bit more costly, but almost uniformly it will be better quality.

    1. Please , I’m looking for help for my order and there is no way to CONTACT Gracious May. Any email i send has a no-reply response

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