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Farmer’s Markets are a gateway for farmers and local artisans to connect with buyers! Alternately, Farmer’s Markets can be an amazing opportunity for intentional buyers to support their local community! Over the past few years, however, Farmer’s Markets have received a bad reputation for allowing vendors to set up with products and produce that has not been sourced locally.

This leads me to the most important question to ask when you are shopping a Farmer’s Market:

“Was this made local?

As we have toured our small town markets, the answer has always been a resounding YES! Followed by inspirational stories of how these farmer’s and artisans grow and craft their products.

We toured the Dallas Texas Farmer’s Market for stop #3 of the Great American Farmer’s Market Tour! The Dallas Farmer’s Market was expansive. It was located in the midst of food courts, a large flower nursery, and an indoor retail shopping area.

While the vendors were absolutely great, the Dallas Farmer’s Market prohibited us from asking the sellers for video interviews. This was a major disappointment, but we were allowed to walk the market with our camera. As I conversed with the vendors, some were so excited about the mission behind the Great American Farmer’s Market Tour that they asked to be on camera!

Because we could not interview the sellers, we do not have a large vendors list to share. However, we do want to highlight the guys at toocold.herbal . They were incredibly enthusiastic about our goal to get the word out about small businesses! Check them out via the link above for info on their herbal ciders.

Also, don’t forget to support USA businesses by shopping the MARKET at Gracious May!

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Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah.” Psalm 68:19

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