The Great American Farmer’s Market Tour

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In a world that orders fruits and veggies through a computer screen, it is time to develop a deeper connection to what local has to offer. This week I documented my trip to my Local Farmer’s Market, where I found so much more than just food! Local artisans lined Market Square selling handwoven rugs, intricate woodworking, cold brew coffee, and fresh cinnamon rolls!!

The human connection is at risk of being washed away by an increasingly cyber social realm. After spending time with nearly every vendor at my local farmer’s market, I walked away with so much energy. I got in touch with what my farmer’s market had to offer, bought home grown sweet potatoes, met the vendors, and listened to their stories! I walked away so encouraged.

I am calling this Gracious May series The Great American Farmer’s Market Tour and I invite you to join me on the first stop via the video above! Be sure to subscribe to this blog where we will feature Made in the USA products on a regular basis.

GAFMT Featured Vendor List!

Paris TX, Farmer and Artisan Market: 400 1st St SW, Paris, TX 75460.

Liza’s Coffee:

The Food Snobs:

Booth’s Brew:

Renno’s Heirloom Handwoven Rugs

Country Belle Pies

BFT Ranch Beef

A Stitch and a Wish

The Castles Cooper

C 3 Salsa

Nickey’s Nest

Clark Creek Soaps and Lotion

Just Keto

Downtown Manchester Farm

HIS Creations

Aspen Creek Reinventions


If you were at the market and we missed you, please comment below!

“And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it.” Psalm 90:17

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