USA Made Clothing at Gracious May

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USA Made Clothing and Shoes at Gracious May!

At Gracious May, EVERY SINGLE ITEM is USA Made. We say it so often, that what it means could be is easily overlooked. Today we are talking about what Made in USA means at the Gracious May Marketplace. Read on to find out why you are investing in something worthwhile when you shop Gracious May’s American Made Shoes and Clothing!

American Made in USA Clothing for Girls
Made in USA Girls Outfits>>

At Gracious May, Made in USA means working hard as a team and family; it means putting our reputation into each piece; it means giving opportunity to the community that supports us; it means doing to others as we would have them do to us.

Made in USA Clothing Brands Snugars
Snugar Headbands: a Gracious May Marketplace Vendor >>

At Gracious May, we see first hand the positive IMPACT that MADE IN USA has on individuals and families. Our team members THANK US for giving them jobs. They are grateful for the chance to work hard and earn a living. Gracious May’s American Made Shoes and Clothing are more than just fashion statements, they have purpose behind them!

Made in USA Clothing for Children by Gracious May
Corsage Headbands>>

At Gracious May, our team members are COMMITTED TO QUALITY. Each member of our manufacturing team puts a piece of themselves into every item at our Marketplace. We take our work seriously. When you are happy with our product, we are happy.

American Made in USA Women's Shoes and Clothes
Gray Mama Janeβ„’>>

Are you ready for an shocking fact? Back in the 1960’s, the United States was the leading manufacturer of footwear worldwide. Today, the United States only manufactures 1% of the shoes worn the in the USA. Here at Gracious May we are glad to be part of that 1%. We stay close to our manufacturing and, subsequently, close to our manufacturers. Made in America means Gracious May can keep a close eye on the manufacturing of our Shoes and Apparel.

Shoes made in America (USA) by Gracious May

At Gracious May, MADE IN USA means that moms and dads in our local communities have jobs. We are committed to making our shoes and apparel in the USA. We want to give back to those who have invested in us.

To Gracious May, Made in USA means vibrant, creative, and functional, products. We want you to shop Gracious May Marketplace not simply because you support our Made in USA efforts, but because you have found our American Made Shoes and Clothing to be truly excellent.

American Made in USA Children's Shoes

At Gracious May Made in USA means looking to the future. The ability to work hard and earn a living is a gift. It lends to a feeling of satisfaction that little else can. Gracious May’s effort to remain MADE IN USA is an effort to preserve this opportunity for future generations; the opportunity to experience the satisfaction of a good day’s work. Your purchase from the Gracious May Marketplace supports this vision.

Whether you are looking for a Baby Gift, functional Shoes for your Toddler, a Back to School outfit for your little girl, Flower Girl Outfits, or comfortable leather flats for Ladies, please think to shop Gracious May’s Made in USA Marketplace first!

Cute Pink Flower Headbands for Girls Baby
Made in USA Snugar Headbands at Gracious May >>

“And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.” Colossians 3:17

The Gracious May Marketplace is an expansive range of Made in USA Wearable for Mother and Child. In addition to the Gracious May Label, we carry several high quality items from other Made in USA Brands (Snugars and Bushka Bag being our lead vendors). From Baby Gifts, to Ladies Shoes and Handbags, you can shop it at the Gracious May Marketplace! Gracious May products are made in the USA using USA and internationally sourced materials.

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