Snugars: Made in the USA Baby Products!

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We carry a few different labels here at the Gracious May Marketplace, and Snugars is one of them! Gracious May and Snugars products are designed and made by the team here in Texas, USA. Made in the USA baby products is our specialty and now both brands can be shopped at The Snugars line includes: Baby Hats, headbands, and legwarmers for baby and child!

Snugars is a Made in the USA clothing brand that specializes in hats, headbands, and accessories for baby and child. Snugars was founded in 2009 with a desire to create comfortable and functional baby accessories. Snugars made in the USA Baby products are handstitched with careful attention to detail! Snugar hats and headbands are made of soft stretch knit which is super soft and ideal for baby.

Gray Vibrant Rose Headband
Gray Vibrant Rose Headband>>

In 2019, we merged Snugars and Gracious May to create a cohesive shopping experience. Now the entire Snugars collection is available at! We did this because many of our customers love to shop Gracious May Shoes and Snugars accessories together. Now that both brands are on the same website, ordering Gracious May and Snugars Made int he USA Baby Products is now easier than ever!

Made in USA Clothing Brands at Gracious May
Snugar Headbands: a Gracious May Marketplace Vendor >>

Snugars made in the USA baby products make excellent gifts! They are handcrafted and one of a kind. Each hat and headband is designed for maximum comfort and functionality.

Shop Snugars complete collection HERE.

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