Cute Shoes for Wide Feet! (Women’s)

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Cute Shoes for Wide Feet

Finally, ladies!! We have cute shoes for wide feet, and not only wide feet, but feet up to size 15! We are so excited to announce that the Gracious May Fuchsia Mama Jane is available in wide and an expanded size range. We have added women’s size 13, 13.5, 14, 14.5, and 15 to our list of available sizes. We have also included a wide or medium width option for our women’s shoes!

Cute Shoes for Wide Feet

Our Fuchsia Mama Jane Shoes are a classy Suede flat that is high on comfort! These women’s shoes for wide feet combine the classic mary jane silhouette with a beautiful brass buckle.

Our cute shoes for wide feet are designed for comfort as well as style (yes! You can have both!!)! Our Mama Janes feature a cloud sole and plush insole with gel cushion at the heel and toe. What’s more is that each pair comes with a 3 year limited warranty! When was the last time your shoes came with that!?

Here at Gracious May it’s our goal to make beautiful footwear for all! Whether you have wide feet, average feet, small feet or big feet: we take our years of experience in the shoe-making realm and translate it into a quality pair of shoes for you.

All of our women’s shoes for wide feet are made by hand in the USA! Gracious May is located in the Dallas, Texas area. Our team of artisans works right here at our HQ to cut and craft each pair of shoes. When you purchase from Gracious May, you are providing jobs for people right here in the USA!

Our Made in the USA Shoes for wide feet are available in Fuchsia pink, with more colors coming down the pike! Whether you are buying these shoes for work or home, this shoe is for you!

Shop Gracious May’s Cute Shoes for Wide Feet today!

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