Made in the USA Barefoot Shoes for Women

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Barefoot Leather Mary Janes for Women

We are SO THRILLED to announce to Gracious May Barefoot Collection for women! Our premier collection features 3 exclusive styles: the Mary Jane, the Moccasin, and the Big Fringe Boot! Each pair of our Barefoot Leather Shoes are hand made here at our headquarters in Texas, USA!

Leather Shoes for Women with a Wide Toe Box By Gracious May

A wide toe box is a standard feature for our Barefoot Shoe Collection. This allows the toes to fully splay (spread) when walking and standing!

What is a barefoot shoe?  A barefoot shoe is one that does not constrict or impede the foot’s natural range of motion.  A barefoot shoe is one with a wide toe box that allows the toes to fully splay (spread out) as you walk.  A barefoot shoe features a super flexible sole (not stiff!) which encourages a natural and healthy gait and allows you to feel the ground surface beneath you.   A barefoot shoe is the next best thing to actually walking in your bare feet!

Women's Leather Barefoot Grounding Shoes with Suede Sole

Our Barefoot Shoe collection is completely flexible! The soles are suede or leather with the option to add a minimal Vibram rubber outsole for extra protection on wet terrain!

Gracious May Leather Barefoot Shoes are made of soft and pliable suede or leather.  We do not use any man-made plastic stiffeners in the body of our Barefoot shoes.  This means these leather barefoot shoes for women will take the shape of your foot as you walk.

The sole of our barefoot shoes for women is made of either suede or oil tan leather. If you would like a layer of flexible rubber on the sole, simply select “Vibram Outsole” and we will add a thin Vibram rubber to the exterior of the sole. These sole options were chosen to provides traction and durability without the stiffness of a traditional rubber sole.     Our Barefoot shoes are designed to fit wider in order to avoid any constriction of the foot’s natural movement.  This naturally makes them a great option for wider feet as well.

Barefoot Shoes for Women

These soft-bodied shoes accomodate a wide range of foot widths. Looking for cute shoes for wide feet? No problem with these shoes!

For our mary janes, the ankle strap fastens snug with an adjustable buckle feature, again, adding versatility to the fit and accommodating feet that are narrow, medium, or wide.  The ankle strap on these barefoot mary janes allows your foot to confidently move from heel-to-toe, without the anxiety of having them slip off!  A removable insole lines these shoes, allowing for comfortable wear if you are new to to the barefooting movement.  For experienced barefooters, you can remove the insole, or save it for when you wear these mary janes on man-made pavements and concrete surfaces.

The removable insole provides shock absorption for when you wear these shoes on man made surfaces such as concrete or pavement.  The insole on these barefoot shoes also makes them great for beginners in the barefooting shoes movement.  They are totally flexible while adding a little bit of padding.  This is helpful for those who are transitioning away from heavily padded, traditional footwear into barefoot shoes.  The Insole also provides insulation for these barefoot shoes for winter month. This insole slips in and out, allowing you to wear them according to your preference.  Another reason we include the removable insole is to make these barefoot shoes for winter and cooler temperatures.  The extra layer will add a temperature barrier on cold days, while still allowing for plenty of flexibility in the sole!

Earthing Grounding Shoes

With a suede or leather sole, our Barefoot Collection makes for a great grounding/earthing shoe option!

Our Barefoot Shoe Collection is designed for grounding (also called earthing)!   With a suede or leather outsole, the Gracious May Barefoot Collection features the perfect shoes for grounding.  Just be mindful that if you choose to add the layer of Vibram rubber to the suede or leather outsole, the grounding function of these mary janes may be compromised.  When using these shoes for grounding, be sure to take out the removable insole that these barefoot shoes come with.

Gray Suede Moccasin Barefoot Boots Women by Gracious May

Looking for a barefoot shoe for winter? Check out our Barefoot Moccasin Boots for women!

Gracious May Barefoot Shoes for women are available in whole sizes 5-14!  If you are a half size, please order up. Because of their soft body and adjustable ankle strap, these shoes naturally accommodate a majority of foot widths from narrow to wide. Finally: cute shoes for wide and narrow feet!

Barefoot Moccasins For Women

Gracious May Barefoot Shoes for women arrive packaged in a  22″ square handkerchief.  This packaging is designed to eliminate waste, allowing you make something functional out of what would otherwise end in a landfill!

These shoes are made by hand in the USA and shipped from Gracious May HQ in the Dallas TX, area!

Barefoot Shoe Features
Barefoot Mary Janes for Women

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“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

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