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The Mama Jane: Gracious May’s American Made Shoes for Women!

If you have been searching for an American Made Shoe for women, pause a moment for the Gracious May Mama Jane! With moms (and ladies in general) wanting simplicity and function now more than ever, we think the Gracious May Mama Jane™ is a timeless answer to modern footwear needs! Here are a few features that we’ve packed into our American made Women’s Shoes!

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From Grace:

Gracious May made in USA Clothing Brand
Wearing my Hazelnut Mama Janes>>

The Gracious May Mama Jane is so special to me. I believe the Lord really gave me the ability to create a shoe that fills a gap in the women’s footwear market. The Mama Jane is an all-in-one women’s shoe, if you will. They are a work shoe, a dress shoe, and a casual shoe all in one! To be honest, I am on my feet nearly all day here at Gracious May HQ and if I don’t choose the right shoes the fatigue I feel throughout the day is overwhelming! It’s kind of crazy how much a good pair of shoes impacts your work day, isn’t it? Anyway, as a working woman I have learned to be careful about the types of shoes I wear. When designing the first official Gracious May women’s shoe, I wanted a feminine flat that would be comfortable enough for me to wear all day and that would ease the fatigue I sometimes feel when I’m working long hours in the studio. I am so happy to say that these leather flats do JUST THAT!! Each pair of our women’s shoes is made here at the Gracious May HQ in the Dallas, TX, area. My team and I have 10 years of American (USA) manufacturing experience behind us and we strive to put that experience into creating truly excellent shoes for you! There is a handcrafted, artisan feel about each pair, simply because that’s what we put into making these shoes. I plan to write a little bit more about the Mama Jane here on the blog, so definitely subscribe and stay tuned for more updates. Continue reading this post for the ins and outs on our American Made women’s shoes!

Double cushioned heel, arch support, and shock absorption!

American Made Ladies Shoes

The Gracious May May Mama Jane is Gracious May’s first official ladies Shoe! These women’s shoes are made in USA and we designed them to be the most comfortable shoes for ladies on the market! So many of our customers are saying they are just that. These leather flats were designed to relieve foot and heel pain, as well as fatigue we often face as ladies who are on our feet all day!

To unpack these shoes for you, we are going to start with the sole, which is a cloud soling. To show you what we’ve invested into the insole, we have an example for you in the image above. The heel is double cushioned, with an extra layer of gel comfort, again, at the heel and at the ball of the foot. These shoes are genuine leather upper, meaning they are going to take the shape of your foot after just a couple of wears. They come with our blister free guarantee, meaning you will not have that painful break-in process that comes with most stylish flats. These shoes are designed to fit comfortably, like a glove, from the very first wear!

Ultra Comfortable Insoles

The Gracious May Mama Jane is available in four colors at, with sizes ranging from 5 to 11. The color list is always expanding, but we currently offer these flats in: Hazelnut Brown, Gray, Black, and Blush Pink! These women’s shoes run true to size and will stretch a little with wear (because of that great genuine leather upper!), so order accordingly.

Genuine leather body means these shoes take the shape of your foot!

Gracious May American Made in USA Womens Comfortable Leather Flats

Shop the Mama Jane in three colors NOW!


These made in USA Ladies Shoes are built to last! The body of these women’s Mary Janes is genuine leather. A premium quality Brass Buckle on the strap adds a timeless flair. The strap features a bit of stretch, making them easy to slip on and off. Because they go dressy or casual, the Gracious May Mama Jane is the perfect shoe for the busy mom! Our American Made leather shoes for Ladies are designed to be classy and durable.

NO Blisters!!

Every pair of Gracious May Mama Janes™ comes with our Blister Free Guarantee™. When was the last time a shoe company guaranteed that? We mean it! We sourced the softest leather for our Made in USA Ladies Mary Janes. The Gracious May Mama Janes™ are both durable and comfortable WITHOUT the painful break-in process!! Our American Made women’s shoes are designed to be a cut above the competition.

Cloud Sole Comfort!!

These Gracious May Ladies Mary Janes feature an anti-fatigue cloud sole for all day comfort! The footbed is designed to absorb shock and boost energy. Perfect if you are on your feet all day! Because of this, they also make the perfect feminine work shoe. Our American Made women’s footwear will make you feel like you are walking on a cloud!

American Made Ladies Shoes
Hazelnut Mama Jane™>>

This is what Gracious May Customers are saying about their Mama Janes™!

Made in USA Ladies Shoes Gray Leather Mama Janes

These USA made shoes are going to rock your boat. Comfy, beautiful and stylish.

Leah F.
Hazelnut Mama Janes

Just wanted to let you know that my shoes arrived and I love ’em. Not only the most comfortable shoes I’ve owned in a long time, they are also the cutest!

Jane Z.
Made in USA Ladies Shoes

My shoes just arrived in the mail. I love them!!!! So incredibly comfortable!!! Thank you!I love my shoes! They are amazing!

Karin N.
Made in USA Ladies Shoes

I love my Hazelnut Mama Janes! They are amazing! I just ordered gray and black

Nichole B.
American Made Footwear Made in usa ladies shoes by Gracious May
All of Gracious May’s Ladies Shoes are MADE IN USA!!

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“He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.” Ecclesiastes 3:11

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