Earn Money from Home by Promoting Gracious May!

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Do you love Gracious May Products and want a way to make some money from home? The Gracious May Golden Rep Affiliate Program is for you! You will earn $10 in Gracious May credit or $5 cash for every customer that enters through your unique link to make a purchase!

Getting started is very simple!

1. Create an account at GraciousMay.com:

2. Go to your dashboard to find your unique referral link:

3. Share this link with friends to earn $5 cash for each customer that enters through your link and purchases. (You’ll want to use this link in emails to friends, promote it on your social media, and so on.)

Becoming a successful Gracious May Golden Rep will require some elbow grease on your part. We welcome beginners and experienced brand reps/affiliates alike!


Any Questions? Comment below and we will follow up with answers!

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