Moms, are you ready for Luxe Feather Sandals???

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Gracious May Luxe Feather Sanadals for Women Madde in USA

COMING WEDNESDAY!!!!!! Ladies Luxe Feather Sandals are launching in sizes 5-11 at GRACIOUSMAY.COM!! We are SO thrilled to be launching a ladies version of our bestselling girls sandal. As a special bonus on launch day, we are giving you FREE SHIPPING when you buy the Mom and Mini version TOGETHER (a special promo code will be provided on Tuesday evening)!!

These sandals are genuine leather and will transform any summer outfit into something totally unique!!!

Be ready to shop GRACIOUSMAY.COM this WEDNESDAY, 5/15/19, at 8AM!!!

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Founder of the Gracious May Marketplace. Seeking to glorify Christ, and serious about reviving US Manufacturing. Colossians 3:17 | Follow on Instagram via @gracious_may

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