Meet Gracious May!

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meet Grace, Steward of the Gracious May Marketplace

“Hi all!  It’s Gracious May, the person!  It’s my goal through the Gracious May Marketplace to glorify God, revive US manufacturing, and make the best shoes in the world!   Footwear is our signature and mainstay, but over the past 10 years Gracious May has grown to feature a full line of apparel and accessories for mother and child!  Everything at is MADE IN USA.  Your purchases support me and my dedicated team of ladies and gentlemen in the Dallas area.  Thanks for reading and THANK YOU shopping! -Love, Gracious May”

About GraciousMay

Founder of the Gracious May Marketplace. Seeking to glorify Christ, and serious about reviving US Manufacturing. Colossians 3:17 | Follow on Instagram via @gracious_may

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