LIMITED RELEASE: Rainy Day Patchwork Boots

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It was 5pm yesterday; raining, freeeeeezing cold, and so gray outside.  I was craving a bit of Blossom, but still needed warmth, all while wanting to cozy up under a quilt for a nap.   Then – BAM – the inspiration hit and I had to run with it!!!!  Needless to say, the nap didn’t happen, but the Gracious May Patchwork Boots were born!   I made them using vintage lace and linen from my personal collection.  This means they are SUPER limited!!!  I wanted you to have first dibs on the Rainy Day Patchwork Boots because #1. you are one of our most faithful customers, and 2. we literally only have 10 pairs available!!

The shafts are hand quilted by the lovely ladies in our Texas Studio, meaning each pair will be totally one of a kind!!  Shop now, we only have 10 pairs available…

Love, Grace

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