How You Style It: the Petite Occasions Collection

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“How You Style It” is a collection of images submitted by YOU, our wonderful customers!  These images feature your little ones wearing a specific item from Gracious May — because don’t we all love the “real life” photos?!  When I’m shopping I always love to see a product as it’s worn by the customer –  and that’s the purpose of Gracious May’s “How YOU Style It!” – real babies, in real life, really enjoying their Gracious May ;).  Plus, we love any excuse to feature your beautiful little ones!!

This week we are featuring a few lovely girls in our newly launched Petite Occasions Collection!!  Enjoy!!

Ivory-Silk-and-Lace-Girls-Dress-Outfit[tag top=”0.34″ left=”0.69″ id=”155″ sku=”BTLISLS”]

Presley wearing our Ivory Silk and Lace Outfit!

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Beautiful Skylar in her Pure White Petals Outfit!

gracious-may-blog-pink-satin-girls-dress[tag top=”0.48″ left=”0.48″ id=”136″ sku=”BTLPPO”]

Can’t get enough of the adorable Collins in her Pink Petals Outfit!!

Gracious-May-Blog-Pure-White-Lace-Girls-Dress-Outfit[tag top=”0.43″ left=”0.47″ id=”134″ sku=”BTLPWSLS”]

Saylor is stunning in her Pure White Silk and Lace Outfit!!

Gracious-May-BLOG-Ivory-Satin-Girls-Dress[tag top=”0.48″ left=”0.46″ id=”135″ sku=”BTLIPO”]

Hallen couldn’t be cuter !! (Wearing her Ivory Petals Outfit)

Gracious-May-Blog-Pink-Silk-and-Lace-Outfit[tag top=”0.37″ left=”0.63″ id=”137″ sku=”null”][tag top=”0.51″ left=”0.48″ id=”137″ sku=”BTLPSLS”]

Last but not least – Miss Madison in her Pink Silk and Lace Outfit!!

Next week’s “How You Style It” item will be our Hardsole Moxie Janes (in both colors)!!  If you have a photo of your cutie wearing hers SUBMIT IT NOW to be featured!  If you don’t have a pair, then SHOP NOW at! ♥

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